"I believe in a world filled with amazing conversations, bundled with gourmet chocolate, and a pause button".

It all started with my newborn daughter, really all by accident. I was a new mother at only 3 days in. Fresh home from the hospital, I brought my beautiful daughter home and couldn't stop staring at the awe-inspiring gift I was given. I spent hours of my day just staring at her beautiful face, her tiny fingers and toes, and "awwwing" at all the heavenly sounds of her baby sighs. Nothing could compare to this feeling of bliss. While she slept I took a few photographs with my film DSLR, without really paying attention to how many rolls of film I burned through. I just remember loving the sound of the "click-buzz-whir" with every release of the shutter. I realized from that day I would never put the camera down as long as I was a mom. 

Photographing for my clients is as though I'm reliving those moments photographing my own baby. While it's not my own story, the emotions I felt as a new mother guides me along every session making me fall in love all over again.

wife. mother. professional dreamer

L Y N   L A R S O N